It is believed that the Sumerian culture invented:
                360 degree circle
                60 minute hour
                Potter’s wheel
                Wheeled transportation (the potter’s wheel turned on its side)
                Cooperation needed to build, repair and allocate water systems
                Bronze plow pulled by oxen
                Water wheel (like the Egyptians)
                The arch (later used and accredited to the Romans)
                Many military innovations: soldiers on horseback, war chariot,
                       composite bow, body armor and new designs for weapons.
                Hittites were the first to use iron weapons.
                The Assyrians developed siege tactics and equipment, engines and
                       towers (later adopted by the Romans)
               A system of rules to keep order and the authority to protect people; law
               The need to keep records of laws, trade, and financial accounts
               Excellent astronomy: star catalogues and accurate observations of
                        planetary motion, predictions of astronomical events, lunar and solar
               Great achievements in mathematics, developed algebra, the foundation
                        for the Greek expansion of geometry.
               The beginning of history, a written story.
               A system of writing developed called cuneiform; wedge-shaped forms
                       which later developed into arithmetic and language.