Minoan and Mycenaean Time Line


3000 BC Crete was settled by a people who probably came from Asia Minor
2800 BC

Minoan civilization begins.

2000 BC Myceneans move into Balkan Peninsula from southern Russia
1600 BC Urban centers begin to thrive
1500 BC Earthquake destroys palace centers
  Linear "B" script appears
1450 BC Thera eruption and destruction of eastern Crete
1400 BC Mycenaeans take control of Crete
1250 BC

Trojan War; Myceneans attack Troy

  Civil Wars break out in Greece.
  Dorians enter Greece and conquere the Myceneans.
  Myceneans flee Greece.
Settle in Aegean islands on the western shore of Asia Minor.
Settlements become known as Ionia
1100 BC Cities empty
  Dark Ages
Time of wandering and killing.
Overseas trade stopped.
People of the Aegean area forgot how to read and write.
Everything started over.
Herding and farming became the main way of life.