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All About Eagles
More About Bald Eagles
Sea World click on bald eagle
Enchanted Learning - Bald Eagles
Ology A great site from the American Museum of Natural History.  Sign in and begin collecting Ology Cards.
Enchanted Learning: Fish     Use this site to research your fish for Make-A-Fish
Create a Food Web   This is a COOL site! 
Science Mystery Stories 
Top Kids' Sites Top 20 Sites For Kids. From Ask Jeeves to the Titantic.
Tour Through Time 
Color-Coded Continents  View the Earth's land masses from 620 million years ago to the present.
A Quick Course in Ichthyology
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Picture of early Jawless Fish
Animal Adaptations  Neat animal site.  Info for Animal Adaptations homework.
Science Mystery Stories 
Cretaceous Period    Major events of the cretaceous Period 135-63 million years ago.
Official North Pole Web Site
Characteristics of Living Things  Basic information.
Sea Turtles Unit
Coordinate Graphing: What Endangered Animal
Plotting the Migration of Sea Turtles
Cell Explorer  Interactive site to explore the cell.  Great graphics.
Create a Graph  Neat interactive site.
Microscope: How to Use It and Enjoy It  Neat site.  Looks at viruses, bacteria, and other microbes.
On Line Microscope Lab
Endangered Animals
Animal Adaptation: Web Quest   A Great Web Site!!!
The Mysterious Human Heart  Starts on PBS Monday, October 15th.
Introduction to Nematode: The Roundworms  There more than 15,000 known species of roundworms.
Platyhelminthes Phylum   Members of the phylum Platyhelminthes are flatworms.
Segmented Worm Information

Worm Pre Test
Coral Pictures
Creatures of the Deep  Investigate the animals and answer the questions.
Freshwater Jellyfish
Know Your Jellyfish: Some Sting, Some Don't  Great pictures of different jellyfish
Sea Anemones  Information and pictures.
Becoming Human  Compare apes to humans.
Castle Rock Pueblo: A Trip Through Time  Explore a village in Mesa Verde.
Hominids Through Time Comparison of hominoid skeletons and a gorilla
Welcome to Dry Creek Bed  Embark on an exciting scientific adventure based upon life in Montana 60-70 mya.
Chromosome Viewer   Click on a chromosome to see chromosome traits and disorders.
Click and Clone Your mission is to create an identical brown mouse.
Gene Machine  Enter your parents and your physical traits and see your genes.
Interactive Pea Experiment   Breed your own hybrid pea plants.
The Story of Mendel  Gregor Mendel the "Father of Genetics"
Antony van Leeuwenhoek He opened up an entire world of microscopic life to the awareness of scientists.
Cells Alive  The #1 site for cells!!!!
Cell Explorer  Interactive site to explore the cell.  Great graphics.
Create a Graph  Neat interactive site.
Microscope: How to Use It and Enjoy It  Neat site.  Looks at viruses, bacteria, and other microbes.
Virtual Cell Tour: Plant and Animal  I use this in class!   Make this your first stop when you have a state report due.
Brain Drain Play against a friend or against the computer to see who is brainier about inventions.
More Invention Games
Inventors Trivia Challenge Put your invention knowledge to the test by taking our monthly invention Trivia Challenge.
Strange Science  The Rocky road to Paleontology and Biology
What Was the Industrial Revolution?  Learn about the inventions from 1700-1899. Click "Next" to begin
8th Grade Final Exam 1895 Salina, Kansas  Could any of us have passed the 8th grade in 1895?
Global Warming Kids Site   Does the summer sun have you wondering just how much hotter it's going to get?
Science Fair Projects and Experiments Topics, Ideas, Resources, and Sample Projects.   A great site by Julian Rubin
Coelacanth The Fish Out of Time
Fish Information
Fish Respiration
Fish of Aquatic Illinois
Virtual Frog Dissection   You can dissect a frog named Fluffy, make movies, and play the Virtual Frog Builder Game.
Case of the Changing Bering Sea Environment   Introduction

Creatures of the Deep  Investigate the animals and answer the questions.
Sponges- The Real World
Sea Turtle Information: Mr & Mrs Smith's Life Science
Enchanted Learning: Dinosaurs      Use this site to research your dinosaur for Adopt-A-Dinosaur
Snake Quiz   Can you advance to the next level?
Make-A-Fish Rubric  
Mystery of the Mesa: A Science Detective Story    
Do You Know Anatomy?  COOL SITE!!!!   Try this interactive site to see what you do know.
Dig! The Archaeology Magazine for Kids
Death of the Dinosaurs WebQuest
Science News OnLine: The Weekly Newsmagazine of Science
In Search of the Giant Squid 
Earthworm Facts  Information on segmented worms.
Introduction to Nematoda  The Roundworms.
Platyhelminthes  flatworms
Introduction to Cnidarians  Jellyfish, Corals, and other stingers
Sponges   Sponges may look like plants but actually are the most simple animal.
Asthma for Kids  more and more kids are having trouble breathing
Endangered Animals  Your first stop for endangered animal reports!  Enchanted Learning site with information about 80 endangered species.
Endangered Species Lists This is an ongoing SchoolWorld Internet Education project.  Publish your report online.
eCards   Free greeting cards for all occasions.  Pick your occasion and your category.  Create your card and send it to your friend.
Ocean Planet Exhibit at the Smithsonian  
Disasters  earthquakes, epidemics, floods, avalanches, storms, tornadoes, fires, explosions, shipwrecks, oil spills
Ancient Civilizations  I know it's not a science site, but the links to Social Studies topics are pretty cool.
Ocean Planet Expedition at the Smithsonian Museum 
National Geographic and National Geographic for Kids   We would like to thank Ashley Allen for suggesting this week's Science Site. 
The Black Death    
Science Mystery Stories