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Civilization In Ancient Mesopotamia

On the map label the following NEATLY and CLEARLY!!!
Underlined Words Should Be Written Straight Across the Page. 
Use Nystrom Maps page 10-11 and Textbook p.62 as your reference.


1.  Nile River 2. Tigris River 3. Persian Gulf
4. Red Sea 5. Caspian Sea 6. Black Sea
7. Euphrates River 8. Mediterranean Sea  

Put the names of these places in the correct locations

9. Asia Minor 10. Mesopotamia 11. Persia 12. Egypt
13. Arabia 14. Siani Desert 15. Zargos Mountains 16. Syrian Desert
17. Taurus Mountains 18. Arabian Desert    

CITIES and coloring
Write the name of each city at the correct dot.
There are extra dots. Write the name of each city in the correct location.
You may identify any of the extra dots for additional credit.

19. Ur 20. Uruk 21. Babylon
22. The Fertile Crescent is outlined with a dashed line. - - - - 
      Use a green colored pencil to color the Fertile Crescent
23. Label the green colored are "Fertile Crescent"
24. Put a title on your map. 
25. Put your name  in the lower left corner.