ExpertIconEndangered.bmp (80022 bytes)   Be an Expert: Endangered Species

1. Endangered Species Vocabulary  10 Points

native species
Clean Water Act
Clean Air Act
illegal killing
recovery plan
captive breeding
Endangered Species Act
Habitat Conservation Plans


2. How Many "Un-Endangered Species Do You Know?     10 Points
Match animals to their description.
Learn about America's wildlife.
Test Your Friends and Family
Found at:


3. Getting to Know Some Endangered Species     10 Points
Animals are endangered due to a variety of causes.
This activity will provide you with an opportunity to look into issues that cused them to be endangered.
Read the case histories and fill in the chart.
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4. Endangered Species Investigation      20 Points
Imagine are an expert in wildlife preservation. 
You are investigating the ideal care of a specific endangered species.
You must think about the following:

The list below is taken from the World Wildlife Fund Web site found at:

Atlantic salmon
African elephant
Asian elephant
marine turtle
polar bear
snow leopard

Answer the following questions

a. In what countries or continents is the species' natural habitat?

b. What was its peak population?

c.  When did it start to decline?

d.  How many members of the species are living today?

e. Where are they living?

f. How many currently exist in the wild?

g. How many are protected in nature preserves?

h. How many are in zoos?

i. What natural resources are necessary for the species' well-being?
         (e.g., availability of specific foods or types of shelter)

j. What is the ideal physical environment for its survival?

k. What environmental factors, if any, are causing its endangerment (
       (e.g., climate change, dwindling food supply, disease, inability to  breed)?

l. What efforts have been made to eliminate or control the environmental dangers?

m. To what extent have they been successful?

n. What human factors, if any, are causing its endangerment
        (e.g., hunting, deforestation)?

o. What efforts have been made to eliminate or control the human dangers?

p. To what extent have these efforts been successful?

q. What has been done so far to protect the species from further decline?

r.  What groups have been involved in its fate, such as wildlife organizations, companies, governments, etc.?

s. What factors other than environmental sensitivity play a part in a species' fate
        (e.g., nationalism, economic interests, tradition, politics)?

t. Should this animal be in the wild or in a wildlife preserve or zoo?


5. ABC Book of Endangered Species      10 Points
Choose an endangered species to research that begins with an assigned letter.
Use library or Internet resources to learn facts about that endangered species.
Add it to a class ABC Book of Endangered Species.

Following are a handful of elements that should be included on the completed pages:



Endangered Species Act found at:

Endangered Species Coloring Book found at: 

ESpecies Fact Sheets foud at:

Wildlife Fact Sheets found at: